Originally, I was going to use my ol' favorite upright bar, the Rivendell Albatross, but:

I came up with an issue that I wasn't expecting. the housing had to be super long not to put any sharp kinks in the cables.  This lead to big loops hanging out in front of the handlebar/headtube, which would interfere with any sort of load being strapped on to it.  So I rummaged through the employee parts bin at the shop and found an old Easton EA30 bar with a mid-sort of rise.  Not much sweep, but will get the grips up high.  Bar bolted on, along with the shifters, brake levers, and grips and I got this:

Old school Suntour friction thumb shifters (rear 8 speed in friction mode), my well used and bent up Avid Speed Dial 7 brake levers, and some Speed Metal grips in red from Portland Design Works (although they will probably get switched out for the winter).  Everything nice and durable, and highly reliable for the long run, and for a bike that is going to be used, alot.

Pretty clean routing, the less "looped" cables are for the shifters, and the two bigger loops are for the brakes, and those get zip tied:

to the headtube.  The cables are routed through the space between the headtube, downtube, and the booms that extend to the front rack.

Drive train next, with fenders and front light after that....

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