past week

Family is almost home! It has been a quiet week around here, kind of nice, but I miss the wife and kids like crazy. The mc didn't ship, Matt has been working his fingers to the bone, so hopefully it'll ship this coming up week.

Didn't get out for the overnighter, too busy/stressed at work. My main man, Tron goes and gets his chest full of liquid, and during the CT scan, find a huge lump. No word yet, but hopefully it is some good news. Get well buddy, we need you.

Did get some extra riding in:

Monday did a 1.5 hour ride on the Stumpy before work, including some hills.

Tuesday, woke up at 5:30, on the FixieMonsterCross at 6. Rode for 2 hours - 30 miles. Got home, ate, showered, rode to work and back.

Wednesday, no riding in the morning. Ran some errands, tried to get some new riding shirts, didn't find any. Afternoon shopping and food runs done by bike.

Thursday, 1.25 hour ride to work, and rode home.

Friday - the "big day". Drove to the Towpath, rode for 51 miles, drove home. My longest ride of the year so far - lame that it took this long to get in that amount of riding at one time. Rode the FixieMonsterCross, damn that was fun, but my new riding shoes need a lot of work to make them comfy. Double wrap of tape on the Midges (set up differently - for my comfort) made it tolerable. Got the CSA and dinner by Transport, went to bed late, and woke up late.

The other days, just rode to work, except for last Saturday, which was the annual Solstice ride, done by our shop. Drinking, riding, eating, generally making asses of ourselves. Good night with not many pictures taken. Lets just say, Transport not meant for mountain biking, mach schnell glasses make for great ways of keeping the bugs out of your eyes, but aren't very cool looking to the ladies, and always remember your tools and an extra tube.

More to come.....