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So, as I alluded to before, my new cargo bike, the Soma Tradesman is here, and it needs some wheels.  The  front and rear are two different sizes, 20" front/26" rear, and both are disc specific - that front wheel is NOT a stock wheel, so some have to be built.  Originally, I was going to have some Deore get laced up to Sun CR-18, 32 hole, and then I found a shop in Minnesota, Calhoun Cycles, that had some 36 hole wheels in stock, for about the same price I could get a set built up for.  Now, remember that I like sweet wheels.  So, where those going to be good enough?

Steve, one of the mechanics at the shop I work at, said he would build me up a pair of wheels, so parts were ordered:

The little one is a Sun Ringle Envy - 36 hole, single eyeleted, welded joint BMX rim, and the large is a Sun
Ringle Equalizer EQ31 also 36 hole, eyeleted, welded 26" rim.  Both super strong and probably burlier than need be.   These will be laced 3 cross to:

Alfine Dynamo front hub, for the ability to always have me some lights up front, and for the back:

XT rear 6 bolt hub.  The front will need a stupid little adapter for the disc rotor, the rear of coarse won't.  Brakes haven't been decided yet, either Avid BB5s or BB7s.  Tires will be some Schwalbe Marathons.

Steve should have these lace up for me some time this weekend, so I'll get some of those pictures up as well as pictures of the awesome jury rigging that has to be done to get the headset pressed into the frame.

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