Happy Holidays, no matter what religion, race, creed, belief system, orientation! Lets all take time to think about one another with love, peace, tolerance and happiness.

Not to ruin the moment:


not much

Not much going on here. Still feel kinda junky, the kind that needs a change of things to make it go away. Not riding that much, in fact haven't been on the bike since Monday, and no riding tomorrow either. There is a rumor going around that there is a chance that maybe my Chester is coming soon. Lets just hope, maybe this is one of the changes I need.

Why no riding tomorrow? My little sister and her husband are coming in town tonight, and we are having dinner with them tonight, and going to my parents house to have dinner with them tomorrow. It'll be fun to see them, with them living in Minnesota, we don't see them but once or twice a year.

More when something happens.


morning commute

Been sick for the past few days, drugged up on cold medicine, and driving everywhere. Decided to try my luck today. Not feeling too bad now, but we'll see on how the day goes.


not much

Had off the whole weekend, and spent time with the family. No bike riding, and not even much time spent on the computer. Put up the Christmas Tree, took a nap, watched some football and basketball, went to a birthday party. A great relaxing weekend. More soon about bikes, and some plans for the next year. Maybe even some news on a new bike....


late fall commute

Fall is almost done with, but starting to get some snow and ice on the road and trails. Beautiful to look at, and the chilly weather if fun to ride in. The problem is the black ice, I know where some lurks, and am careful on it. Sometimes accidents happen.

And the knee looks like hamburger.