Haven't been out for a bike ride besides commuting (although I've been driving to work a few days also) or running errands for 5 weeks now.  I went out for a ride, thought the deadness in my legs would come around, they didn't - 27 miles of just horribleness.  There was also some feeling of blah being on the bike also, so I stopped riding my longer distances, and started running more earnestly.

Been trying to run 5 or so days a week, sometimes less, but being smart about it, taking a few days off here and there, not running too fast or trying to bump up my miles too quickly,  and running mostly on unpaved surfaces.  Been doing the "minimalist" or "barefoot" style of running - like here or here.  Its been working for me - a little sore but nothing horrible - and except for my pulled butt muscle from a night at the karate studio - no injuries.  The barefoot running style is working for me, I'm not going to preach to anyone (not that I would do that anyways), but I'll let others make their own decisions.

Here are my Minimus 10 Trail (MT10) shoes.  Have a bunch of miles on them - if I had to guess, about 200 miles or so.  They are working really well for me, looking at getting another pair of these for the trails, a pair for the roads and a pair of the Minimus 1010 Trails for more technical running on more aggressive trails - like mountain biking trails.  Why?

Here is a picture of the 6 miles I ran at the Royalview Mountain Bike trails.  Although the trail was in beautiful condition, some of the other trails in the area don't shed the water very well, or have some looser dirt that the MT10s won't handle very well.  Running here is just as much fun as riding here, just slower.

Also on the radar (aka shipping today) is my new Unshoes huarache style sandals.  I'll post about those when I get them and get some miles in on them.

Thats it for right now, more to come (and maybe some  bike content)....