cargo tires

Wheels are of course built, and tires received, some Schwalbes.

For the front:

Marathon Plus in a 20"x1.75 (47x406) comes with a reflective stripe for viability.  I was worried that the tire would be too thin for the rim but everything ended up working great.

Damn nice looking wheel with that tire on it.  Not that it matters, but front dynamo hub with 160mm rotor, tube and tire weighs 4.98 pounds.

The rear tire is a Marathon Plus Tour with Smartguard in a 26"x1.75" (47x559), also with the reflective strip.  The tire mounted up a little easier on than the one on the front, and it turns out it is a little knobbier than I thought it was going to be.  Would make an amazing tire for a gravel rider or a long distance touring bike on mixed terrain - like a Long Haul Trucker or Co-Motion Pangea.

Wheel weight for tube, tire, rotor, and wheel - 5.6 pounds, will be more of course with the cassette.  Not light but again, overkill is better on a cargo bike.

Next up, the handlebar situation.  I had to change it up a bit because of cable routing issues, pictures tomorrow!

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