fenders and dynamo lighting

Fenders went on with basically no problems, standard set up.  Had to bend a stay around the front disc caliper:

The fenders are Civia Halsted Fenders, which is designed to go on their short wheel based baker style cargo truck bike.  The Halsted was one that was originally on my list last year for a new cargo bike, I ultimately bought something different, but the style of bike never got lost to me.

Not super excited with the fender line on the front wheel, I'll have to play around with it some more.  Civia says that the fender will ft up to a 2" wide tire, that could lead to some experiments later down the road.  I'll have full pictures of the fenders later in the week, when the bike as a whole is revealed.

The light I went with up front to be powered by the dynamo is the Blaze Dynamo from Planet Bike.  Light hook up with the Alfine was easy, put the

Two wires in the wiring harness, fold them over and snap everything together.  I'm going to have to either switch to another harness, or cover in some electrical tape I had to try twice, and the silicone inside the holes got used up.  The wire snaked up the fork leg,  around the front rack supports:

Wrapped to the other side to where I mounted the light head on the boom on the other side:

With zipties holding everything on and tight.  The mount for right now is an old reflector mount, with a Paul Components light mount called the Gino bolted on for the Blaze's bracket to mount to. 

Bad picture, the bike is at an angle in the workstand so that the handlebars don't swing around and knock the crap out of me, but a side view of the light and the mount.

I still need to figure out a rear rack for the bike, and I have a kickstand on its way.  Next up, those little things and a full picture of the Soma Tradesman!

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