discs for cargo

Decided to go with the Avid BB7 discs for the bike.  I actually think that the BB5s were going to be plenty, but might as well go with the nicer ones on some sweet wheels.  Overkill is sometimes best. 

Front Alfine Dynamo hub is equipped with a Centerlock disc interface.  The BB7s come with a 6 bolt pattern.  So I had to get one of these:

To use the disc rotor.  On the hub, the rubber shield comes off

And that exposes the splines for the Centerlock or adapter

And the rotor and adapter get forced on with the help of a rubber mallet and tighten down with a cassette lockring tool.

The front and rear brake calipers go on pretty much as any other bike, the front needs the standard 160mm front adapter:

And the rear goes on the chainstay with the newer 20mm IS adapter, which is different from the 160 mm adapter I used for the front brake.  The brake that went on the rear must be the "newer" model.

Like I mentioned, on the chainstay, to make mounting a rear rack and fenders easier.

Next up, tires mounted up and an exciting shot of the handlebar and brake and shift levers, maybe even some cables and housing run.

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  1. Hi! I found your post via Google image search. I have an Alfine DH-S701 dynamo hub with Center Lock disc mount. When I tighten the lock ring, the ring presses against the axle "bushing" (visible in the third image in your post), making the wheel impossible to spin. Have you experienced this problem yourself?