total commuting stats for may

So here is the total commuting stats for the month of May, only the miles recorded to and from work, that's why I'm doing this on my day off, and before the month is over with. The other miles of running errands, riding with the kids, and the very limited riding for fun I couldn't really count.

Miles ridden: 330 - that equates to 22 out of 22 days worked, 15 miles round trip. Some days I would ride extra miles to parties, baseball games, or the store, but they were all in addition to, and I couldn't count the extra miles because I don't have a computer on any of my bikes.

Times commuting by each bike:

Transport -11

FixieMonsterCross - 9

Stumpy Comp Carbon 29er - 2

Bike choice winner, the Transport! I really will do an update on the bike, I just need some time and pictures.

No flats, and except for the sheared off ATAC cleat, no mechanicals.

It is funny, the only reason I kept track of it was a contest at work. I actually ride my bike just about everyday, no matter what the weather. It was interesting to keep track of days ridden, what bike I threw my leg over, and what things I saw and songs that I sang in my head. I might do something like this time to time.

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