not today

Not riding today, I have off from work, and its cold, rainy, and I have to go grocery shopping and maybe getting a new computer tower to replace this 6 or 7 year old one. Also picking up the new Beastie Boys cd, been listening to it live streaming on the interwebs, and it is pretty damn good.

Another reason I'm not riding today? I still haven't figured out how to transport the 2 year old with the Transport. I think I have figured out on how to pull a Burley trailer, it involves a plate of aluminum some U-bolts, some nuts and a big honkin' boult. I'm looking for an old chair to convert to a seat for the top of the back rack on the Transport.

I was hoping to have some pictures today of the Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29er, but I was too busy taking care of organizational things at the shop last night to take some. Hopefully soon, and if I get this computer thing done, I can take pictures with a digital camera, and have them uploaded. Better quality of pictures (not better pictures - that is my lack of talent) and not have to destroy my cell phone battery.

How to change an innertube:

Til tomorrow, with more exciting information about my commute to work.

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