Rode: FixieMonsterCross

Mileage: 15 (7.5 this morning, and I rode home)

Cool things: The river fords were closed due to flooding from the rain a few days ago. The road was closed so the Metropark workers could clean the debris from the ford and clean the mud off of the road. I'm riding on the road, and I have to get off the road because of the men powerwashing the ford, I had to cut back to the bike trail, turned to quick onto the mud and fell over on my right side into the weeds. Left foot, unclipped, right foot unclip, and walk to the bike path and try to clip back in, left foot OK, right foot no go:

cleat ripped right out of my shoe. Not only the cleat, but the threads right out of the plate, two gaping holes. Of course, no extra ATAC cleats at work, and I have to turn the plate on the inside of my Sidi's around, because the plate is much smaller than the Shimano plates found in every other shoe. And I have to switch to Shimano pedals because that is what we have in the demo bin. Crap, at least I'll be getting some new shoes soon.

Song in my head: Not from the ride to work, but because Terry was whistling it today.

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