stumpy off road

Got to ride Reagan Park in Medina last night with the guys from the shop. Even with all the rain and nasty weather from the crappiest Spring in a long time, the trail was awesome. Parts of the trail almost needed some water to keep the dust down, but it was a great time. Not that fast of a ride for me, and I don't think for most of us, except Gartman. I could definitely tell that I'm out of shape. For never have ridden the Stumpy Comp Carbon 29er off road, I felt really comfortable on it right off the bat. Maybe it was from riding the Rockhopper SL 29er for the good last half of last year, but the bike never felt bad under me. I do have to do a better set up on the fork, it felt "weird".

Took a bit of a spill, of course almost at the end. Feeling comfortable, sucking on Jason's line, coming through some rollers, and I'm thinking "damn, I'm going too fast - I need to slow down". Still hung on to the speed though, like an idiot, and start a fast steep downhill section too hot. Left bar end hits a sapling, bike gets yanked out from underneath me and I hit the ground hard. Hit so hard that the bike went in the underbrush to the left and I go flying right down the trail, right were my bike should have been. Hit on my right side, abrade my back from shoulder to ass cheek, cut on my right knee and elbow, and my left shoulder has a nice little strawberry from rolling on it. A little sore but all is good.

Felt great to be back on the trails, its been a long time. Now I just need to do that a lot more....

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