new parts for the mc

While I've been waiting for the matt chester to come, I've re-thought a few of the parts for the frame.  Biggest being the crank.  Originally, I was going to run this crank from Bontrager (Sram/TruVativ).  But I've decided to go a little more old school -

a Sugino RD2 road crank, obviously in black, 170mm in length.  Why?  Because I constantly was re-thinking my choice in an outboard bearing bottom bracket and crank system.  Don't get me wrong, outboard bearings are nice, they are easy to install, last a decently long time, and are stiff.  But a square taper bottom bracket lasts longer, been around forever, and here is the big thing - they come in more sizes so I can fine tune the chain line.  The mc is a roadish style bike, and the companies that make the cranks only have one spindle length.  If I made a mountain bike style bike (like the FixieMonsterCross), then a Shimano style outboard bearing would have worked because you can adjust some frame spacers to get perfect chainline (I still need to replace the crank on that bike).  Once I figure out the correct bottom bracket spindle length, I can get one of these - Phil Wood Stainless Steel bottom brackets, and I can then fine tune it even more.

The BBG bashguard and Surly 39t chainring haven't changed, but I did switch to an 18 and 19 tooth Surly fixed cogs instead of the Phil's I had been planning on using.

Other new parts?  I'll have some pictures up later this week, but in case you haven't been following my twitter feed, here is a cool picture:

Yep, that's my frame, hopefully getting here in a day or two - more pictures to come....

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