ride 05/31

Rode:  Tradesman with D'Lite

Distance: 7.62 miles

Cool things:  My original plans to go on a long ride was derailed by the road/trail being shut down so the arborists could cut down some trees.  So, a little re-route and a change of plans ended up being a great morning with Josie.  Ended up at Beyers Pond, a series of little marshy areas with a larger pond in the Metroparks system.  It has a little less than one mile trail that weaves you through the woods and around the little ponds/marshes.  We were looking for what we could see, ended up hearing the croaking of some bullfrogs (although they jumped into the water when we got too close), the hammering of woodpeckers, and ended up sneaking close enough to a small pond to see some turtles.

 Song in my head:  None, just a great conversation with my wonderful daughter....

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