Luckily not me, but bike parts. 

Texted up TimBob on Monday, wanted to see if he wanted to do some mountain biking, just like we used to.  Jobs, families, lots of stress hasn't let us ride as often as we want, so plans were made, and actually followed through with.  We decided to go out to Findley State Park, one I've ridden before, but never on my FixieMonsterCross.  About a mile in, I notice a clicking noise coming from my crank area.  Check the chain, nothing in it, thought it might be my pedals, or that my Chris King bottom bracket finally needs some grease.  Then I start to notice that the noise only happens when my right foot is going down.  I stop the bike and look, one of my chainring bolts is missing.  Damn, I should have checked those last night when I was lubing and tensioning my rusted ass chain.  Well, at this point I'm about a third of the way through the trail, and about the furthest point away from the car.  So I kept riding.  A mile or so later, the teeter totters are right in front of me, and I roll over one.  I hear a crack, don't know if it was the wood hitting the ground or something on the bike.

And its the crank, two nice little cracks on the spider.  Shit.  Well, have to ride out.  Don't really take it too cautiously, still riding over stuff, still standing and crushing up the hills.  But the sound is getting louder.  It has changed to a metal rubbing on metal sound, almost grating.  Didn't take a picture, but the one arm by the beaver's tail is cracked through and displaced.  We get to the road and decide to cut off the last 2 miles or so, and pedal softly back to the car.  I decide to see if I can rip the arms off of the crank, so into the parking lot with all the speed I can muster, get on the grass and...

Nothing.  Doesn't budge.  Skid stopping with the right foot forward didn't do it.  Well I got to try it again,left foot forward this time...

And the bike comes to a complete stop, arm ripped off all the way through and the chainring (which needed to be replaced anyhow)...

Done for.  I guess all in a days work.  Well better than work.  Next up is to see if anyone would like to buy the Hunter FixieMonsterCross, for a good price - minus the crank.  Or if nobody does, time to get a new crank, chainring, bolts, and chain. 

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