more mc parts

So, the other day, I showed pictures of my new crank, and mentioned that I had gotten some other parts.  Here they are.

Really freakin' exciting, a box of  cotton bar tape. I've always liked how it felt under my hands, going to try to pad them a little more, and probably shellac them Rivendell style.  I like the way white bar tape looks next to a titanium frame, kind of like on a Moots.

 Tools got a new Burrito Wrap.  A nice minty green color.

An orange Salsa Lip Lock seatpost collar.  Matches the top bearing cover of my Chris King headset.  

And lastly for this post, I have finally decided on the frame pump for the bike.  As you can see from this picture

there is a pump peg on the head tube.  I decided to go with a Topeak Road Master Blaster frame pump.  Durable, good looking, and best of all, it works.

That's it for right now, next installment of this thread will put into play a second handlebar, and a pair of backup forks.  And maybe some knobbies..... 

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