Here is the crank for the Chester, a Bontrager (Truvativ) road crank, 130mm BCD, 170mm long. I got this on a closeout pricelist from Trek, super cheap - but its a good crank. The crank comes with a GXP outboard bearing bottom bracket setup, which I guess led to some extra design work for Matt. He says he never has built a frame for an external bottom bracket. He prefers (and I do sometimes too) a square taper. I haven't had any issues as of yet using an external BB, but time will tell. If it doesn't work, I'll just go to a regular set up, but the crank and bottom bracket were so cheap, I had to get it.

I had to switch out the chainrings, it came with shifty cyclocross rings, and I'm running just one, so out comes a Surly 39t Stainless Steel ring, and a BBG bashguard. The BBG is a real lightweight aluminum circle, that protects the chainring (and leg from rookie ring) in case of a rock or branch. I don't know if the chainline will work with the bashguard, but again we'll see.

More to come....

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