rode today

Rode: Tradesman

Mileage:  1.8 miles

Song in my head: nothing, I was having an interesting discussion with my daughter about how scary "Monsters Inc" was versus zombies.

Ended up riding up to the store today with Josie,  put the Burley on the Tradesman and rode down to the supermarket.  Needed to get some stuff for dinner, and the wife needed artificially sweetened "diet" drink, I needed beer and soda.

Josie is in the trailer with some bread (been too lazy to bake this week), some fruit, and pizza sauce.  In the front basket of the Tradesman - 4 12 packs of cola, a six pack of my favorite beer in cans - 21st Amendment Back in Black - 5 pounds of sugar, cheese for the pizzas, quinoa, and my lock.   The rack is "rated" to 50 pounds, I estimate I had just above that. The ride was super stable, no issues with riding or turning, felt just like the bike usually does, except heavier.  When I got over some of the rougher patches though, I could see and feel the booms of the arms flexing.  No damage, but it will be a long time before I do that again. 

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