specialized work

Have a new "fast" zip around town/commute/hybrid bike.  The Work from Specialized.

Set up stock with a few substitutions and additions.  Changed out the shifters from all in one shifter brake levers to friction shifters and cheap brake levers - they work.

 Switched out the saddle, I like Specialized saddles, but the stock one was too wide.  You can also see my underseat bag, the pump is bolted under the waterbottle cage.

Switched out pedals to something with more grip.  A basic plastic BMX pedal.

Added fenders.  They are Longboards from SKS.  They are nice and long. No need for an added spray flap to protect the bottom bracket of the bike or my feet.

The back is pretty long also.

Switched the stock 700x38 to Nimbus 700x35 tires, partially because I'm mostly going to be riding this on the pavement, and partially because I ordered the wrong size fenders.

Also added a rear rack, need  place for my rear light and panniers for carrying stuff.

The bike is pretty basic, but well put together.  Things I want to do to it, cut down the width of the handlebars and put on some ergo style grips, get a second waterbottle cage - probably a Kleen Kanteen - on the down tube, and switch out the brake pads to some Kool Stops.

More to come......

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