no news is...

Not much to report, haven't felt much like blog posting. Nothing really exciting going on, getting in a few extra miles here and there, but nothing really long or even remotely close to increasing my fitness.

Family leaving next Saturday for 9 days, bacheloring it up, going to do some riding. Not the long week I had planned, but hopefully an overnighter and a long day in the saddle. Rumor around the e-mails is that the mc might be here in time for said week, I hope, so some of my plans will come true. If not, the overnighter might be spinning ass crazy on a 33x18 fixie with 38's or plushing it on an upright geared biked. Or just some mountain biking and beer drinking. One cool thing would be a combination of it all.

More soon.....

late edit: Best bike related blog post ever: HERE

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