burley mount

I got my new mount so that I'm able to use a Burley trailer with the Transport. On normal bikes, as well as my old Xtracycle (and Big Dummys), one is able to mount the Burley trailer hitch to the rear axle or rear triangle of the bike. On the Transport, the rear wheel is further in from the rear of the bike, not allowing the arm of the trailer to reach into the bike enough to but the trailer. And the old school rear triangle mount doesn't have anywhere to attach to also. So Travis Saeler had a proto-type mount made, and then got some more made up for the rest of us who ride Transports and need a mount to carry their Burleys.

This thing is one heavy piece of steel (you won't notice it at all - this cargobike isn't a race bike). The smaller holes are for mounting the plate on the back of the rack frame. There are four bolts that hold the side folding mounts in place, and these holes match up with the ones on the plate. The big hole is for the Burley mount to attach to - more on that in a little bit.

The two plates welded on the back, is for the plate to have more support on the frame. These holes mount up to holes where the little rubber bumpers bolt onto. Remove the bumpers, bolt on the plate.

And ta-da!

Now for the Burley mount. I was going to get a specific bolt for this, but a destroyed BMX wheel from the shop gave up its bent ass axle and:

The axle nuts, a spacer, and a "locking" nut on a too long part of the axle will do the job.

Crooked, but it'll work. The Burley arm attaches like this, not the recommended two wraps, but I think that the safety strap will do its job if ever needed.

More pictures to come when it is dry enough to hook the thing up and take some good pictures. Travis says it is much smoother to pull the trailer on his Transport than on his regular bike. I'll report soon.

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