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The last bit of the Chester (besides the frame) is what do I use when things go wrong - flat tube, broken chain, loosened bolt. Luckily, tubes happen sometimes - see article on tires here - and accidents do happen, so one has to carry a kit so that you can get back home, important for those all dayers and multi-day trips.

Here are the main bits - on the top a Pedro's Six-Pack Chain Tool +
this gives me a chain tool (duh) and a spoke wrench to help straighten out a wonky rim. The chain tool is needed to break and replace links in a chain. What? Replace links? In a single cog system, with very little in the way to adjust chain tension in the advent of a link or two missing, one might have to replace a small section of chain. I carry about 4-5 total links as well as a Wipperman master link to help me in this regard.

The chain tool itself uses a 5mm hex, and normally it comes with the tool, but I took it out because my the tool in the middle has one. An old school Ritchey CPR, is my favorite of all on the bike tools. Like my ATAC's, I would own 5 of these if I could still find them. A 5mm and 6mm hex, two tire levers, 8, 9, and 10mm closed box wrenches, and a screwdriver, along with a 4mm wrench covers anything that can go wrong. The 5mm can be used for the chain tool, the headset or seatpost binder bolt or brake pads, the 6mm for the rear Phil Wood hub, and the 4mm for the stem bolts. The wrenches for the fenders, and the screw driver just in case I'm missing something. A nice compact system.

Almost the whole kit, tube, tools, masterlink sitting on a Rivendell Burrito Wrap, a scrap of waxed cotton to hold everything together. Missing is the extra hunk of chain, it hasn't been cut because the bike aint built up yet.

All bundled up.

In the corner for the roll. When done it should look like Chipotle's finest.

Done, held on to the saddle's railings with a toe clip strap. The strap is also needed for the pair of Schwalbe Marathons, that tire bead is a massive pain in the ass. Also seen here is the saddle cover from Randi Jo Fabrications, nice way to protect your leather saddle.

Missing is my pump, I haven't decided what way to go with that, a frame or smaller hand pump. Detail - I know that you are at the edges of you seat for that, when I know myself.

Have a good one.

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