rest of the front end

The continuing parts list for the Matt Chester...

The fork spins in the frame with a Chris King 1 1/8 NoThreadSet. As your eyes can see, it is black with a Mango top bearing cap in the Sotto Voce finish. When I first saw the color on color finish, I didn't know if I really liked it, I mean Chris King headsets have always had white letters on the color headsets, but the understatedness is growing on me. Now I find it kind of weird looking to see the older style.

My hands are going to rest on a pair of 42cm Salsa Woodchipper bars, with a 25.4 clamp diameter. Why? I had a Thompson Elite stem laying around, and Matt designed the frame around its extension length and rise. Might as well use it instead of it just sitting there. Also from this picture, you can see that I have my brake levers installed - although probably not in the correct position. Both are from Cane Creek, and I have one SCR-5C lever and one stoker lever. This gives me an extra hand position while sitting up or cruising, and gives me a sense of equalness on the bars. I'm probably going to wrap the bars in white tape, just because I like the way it looks.

More to come tomorrow!

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