tradesman updates again

I haven't changed much, but it have done a few things to what is now my favorite bike. 

From this post, you saw the new attachment to allow me to pull the Burley.  Still working great.

Also on the back of the bike, I switched around and added to the lights.

The light on the rack is now the Danger Zone from PDW. Why?  Well the burn time is a little longer, and I've added the Fenderbot to the fender, so I don't need a light with a reflector.  Plus, the flash mode plays "Take On Me" from a-Ha!.  What you can't see from the picture is that the holes are drilled crooked, so it is a little off to the side. 

I also moved the pump from the underseat bag to the front rack.

Its a Mini Charger from Bontrager.  A fold out foot peg and a hose allows me to fill the tires up faster than with just a regular hand pump.  I did this to use a smaller underseat bag, but then I had to use the smaller one for another project (more on that later) so I brought back out the big one.  I have a smaller one now at home, but have been too lazy to switch it over.

Besides the underseat bag switch, the only two changes I can see myself doing to the bike is possibly getting a rear rack light that operates off of the dynamo hub, and when the new Bosco bar becomes available from  Rivendell, add that to the front end to make the bike a little more upright. 

We'll see......

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