running errands

Josie and I ran some errands by bike today.  I don't have any pictures from the ride to the playground or to supermarket, but here are some shots of the ride from the supermarket to the bakery to get a (belated) birthday cake for my wife.  I know I'm the worst.

The Tradesman with the Burley D'Lite.  The Tradesman has "hooded" dropouts, so the Burley standard hitch won't work on the bike, without using one of these:

The Hitch Alt Adapter works perfectly!  Do have to get a lock washer or locking nut to keep the nut from backing off over time.

Here are some more pics from the morning ride.

Josie's portrait of her and I:

Standing next to her trailer, she gets mad if we have to go in the car.

My Keen Coronado II's love these shoes.  Much more comfy than Chuck Taylors.

And the date nut cake from Dick's Bakery in downtown Berea.  Wifey's favorite sweet.  And some cookies for the kids.

Fun day, more to come.....

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