Like I said in a previous post, I've had the Bontrager Lithos helmet since the Fall, but didn't wear it much because I don't like the way it fits with a hat.  But a trip to California was going to give me the opportunity to rock the helmet, feel the ventilation, and if need be, see how it protected my skull.

The Lithos is Botrager's (Treks's) top of the line helmet designed for mountain biking...

The helmet is pretty light, claimed weight of 330g for a size medium, and on the head felt very light.  I didn't have any issues with the retention system, the "Micro-Manager" fit system hug my head for the duration of the ride, easily adjustable with the dial in the back of the head.  I'm not usually a fan of dial system tension adjusters on helmets, they never seem to have "that" indentation for my head, but with the "Micro-Manager" system, I can get the helmet perfectly on my skull - without causing pressure points anywhere else on the head. 


The straps with their "Lockdown" adjust quickly and easily without fuss.

On the outside of the helmet, there is a bunch of well placed vents, keeping the air flow around your head, even when on a slow going uphill slog, like an out of shape rider trying to get up some steep ass hill in California found out.

Good intake vents in the front...

...lots of venting up top...

...and plenty of vents in the back to keep the air flowing.  I don't ever look at the amount of vents on a helmet, more important is how they are positioned.  On a mountain bike style helmet, you want big gaping ones in front to bring in the air on slow climbs, and channels along the inside to facilitate air flow to the vents in the back.  This helmet does that.  I will be interested to see how it works in a hot humid condition, like this summer.

The visor - it works. I found nothing super fancy about it, it adjusts up and down, and stays where you put it, even on 25 mph descents through washboarded trail ruts.

This helmet, in the week I got to ride it performed awesomely!  I don't have any nitpics about it yet except it doesn't work well for me with a thicker cap on - cotton cycling caps are fine - but not comfortable for me until the Spring finally hits for real, not this pseudo Spring like weather.

As always, more on this product later this year....

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