Specialized was a fun week, learned some great information on selling strategies, merchandising, and of course, about the different technologies of bikes.  I also found out (not that much of a surprise) that I'm a very slow rider.  Not that it matters at all, the scenery was to awesome- and the temperatures in the 60's - to really care.  Got to ride two different versions of a Roubaix road bikes, a freeroad bike, a city bike and this S-Works Stumpjumper FSR :

Didn't take too many pictures on the rides, we were cruising at a pretty good pace on the non-mountain bike rides to be able to snap some pics, but did take some on the trail.

This trail system is part of where they race the Sea Otter Classic through.

After the class was over, the interesting parts began, drinking, eating, and most importantly meeting a lot of great people and making some new friends.  If anyone from my class is reading this somehow, and I didn't get your info, drop me a line.

Thats about it, more to come.....

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