more tradesman

Been riding the Tradesman almost everyday here - feels weird riding a coasting bike with gears - and really enjoying it.

Here is the latest incarnation of the bike:

I decided to go with a basket on the front platform for right now, it was relatively inexpensive - so if I don't like it, no biggie.  The basket I added to the front is a Wald 157 basket.

It's freaking huge.  Designed to carry a lot of stuff, it makes just shoving things in really easy and simple to get out.  The dimensions at the top are 21"x15"x9", and taper slightly to the bottom.  The platform is slightly larger than the taper of the basket, but the top matches the dimensions of the platform almost exactly.  The basket came with brackets to attach to the front end of a regular non-suspended bike (and I kept the other brackets in case I switch it to another bike), but here I just zip tied the crap out of it to the platform.

Things are kept in the basket by strategically loading things in stuff sacks, and kept in with an elastic net that hooks on the grid pattern of the basket. 

That's is a big bucket of pretzels, as well as my lunch, rain gear for the ride home, lock, and a waterproof bag for my phone and i-Pod.  Still plenty of room for other things, shopping load to be tested later.

I also added a rear rack to the bike, last years version of the Backrack I.

 Why last years?  It fit better on the frame, lower above the rear wheel, and to accomplish  I had to use the same mounting holes as the fenders. 

Not as clean as I like it, but because of the way the seat stays come down, it was something that needed to be done to get it to work properly.  I tried the new rack on the Tradesman, and it stood to high above the wheel - the threaded height adjustment of the older one allowed me get everything at an acceptable height.  The rack allowed me to get my Radbot 1000 off the seatpost and far back out of the way.

The addition of the rack, and the reposition of the light, allowed for the OLD Jandd Mountain Wedge 1 seat bag for 2 tubes, a mini pump, multi-tool, and tire lever.  I'll try a smaller bag, once I get my frame pump attached to the front rack.

The other reason for the rear rack, is to put on panniers or a rack top bag or basket to carry more thing.  Especially a set of grocery getter panniers.

More to come.......

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  1. I own a 45lb American Staffordshire Terrier (pocket pitbull). Right now, we're riding in this setup: http://instagram.com/p/tdwkNMGxC7/

    Just did a 44mi round trip bike camping, and it's a bit much w/ her shifting weight. The normal 5mi w/ friends to the lake and back is much easier. How do you think she'd do on a Tradeseman? Or better, how would I do piloting one w/ her based on your experiences carrying comparable weights?

    Thanks in advance,

    Robert Kurtz
    Oakland CA