Come on Mother Earth, get on the freakin' ball.  Its Winter, not Spring, not Fall - its FUCKING WINTER.  I don't even ski, or snowboard, just bike and do some hiking/snowshoe, but in this season which those sports are not perfect for, I've found my place and my peace with it.

Give me snow, not some dusting, a few 40°, sunny days, and then more snow.  That causes ice, which can ruin my bike ride, it messes up the respiratory systems of the humans in my household, and it makes the sun, although beautiful (and helps with my SAD), makes me long for Summer - which is a half of a year away. 

Give me months of the frozen white precipitation, let it fall, stay around, and have more fall.  Give me some cold ass temperatures, and let them stay that way, throw some sun in to cheer me up, and let my body get accustomed to one season - not 3 in one week.   

Even though I hate the cold, let my pay my penitence of the frigid and the slop, so I can bask in the heat and humidity. 

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