tnf torpedo

Back in August I purchased a new windbreaker, the Torpedo Jacket from The North Face.  It has been my constant companion over the past 4 months, and I have to say, I'm a Patagonia man, but this jacket is awesome. 

 I ended up getting the jacket in Molten Red, and the polyester fabric has a real nice hand to it.  It doesn't make much noise when you are wearing it, and it feels good against your bare skin.  The jacket is technically a running jacket, so the back isn't very long like it would be on a cycling specific top, but gives you enough coverage so that your crack doesn't show.  

Reflectivity is actually better than on some riding coats, a line like this along the top on both the front and rear, but nothing down by the butt, remember this is a running jacket.  

Two hand warmer pockets on the front hold your hands - or gloves when your hands get a little on the warm side.  Also a drawcord waist can help keep the drafts out.  The wrist cuffs have a nice finish elastic to them, but it would be nice (but heavier and bulkier) to have a velcro type closure.


There is a vent along the rear of the piece, lined in a soft mesh.  This is supposed to allow some excess heat and moisture escape.  It does a pretty good job when the front zipper is down, and you have nothing across your back.  But this Fall was either cold or too warm for the jacket to be on (more on this later), or I had my messenger bag, so the vent wasn't that useful for me so far.

Hard to see on this pic, but down on the bottom back, there is two pockets.  A small zippered pocket on the right, which is the perfect size for a few pouches of energy gel or your keys, and a full length pocket is able to be accessed by your left hand.  No closure, but my waterproof electronics case slides in and stays fine in the pocket.

The material has a real nice DWR to it,keeping light rain and snow showers off of my body, but steady rain soaks right through.  The down side is that the fabric doesn't breathe really well, and besides the front zip, and the yoke vent, there isn't any other way to get excess heat and moisture to escape - even though the web description claims that there is "strategically placed mesh panel" on the side and underarms.  Maybe I have an older version, but something to look at if you are on the warm side of things. Also check on fit, even my fatty belly wears a size small, you'll want to try this piece on. 

I expect this piece to wear very well, and through the 3 washings I've put it through, multiple days in the saddle with backpack/messeger bag, and the rain and snow, the jacket is showing no signs of wear.  I'll let you know after this season of touring and mountain biking. 

Over all, a great coat, a good fit that doesn't look to tech-dorky - good for casual wear, and it is very comfy.  Can't wait for the rest of the year.....

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