Not really resolutions, just things that I want to do better, or accomplish for the new year.  Usually these don't work out very well for me, but I'm going to try my best.  These are not in any specific order, just the things that need to get done.

1 - Ride more.  I rode about 6000 miles last year, and in 2010 around 8500.  I'd like to be closer to 8500-9000 for 2012.  Need to do more rides not associated with commuting and longer distance rides.  This does correlate to getting a bike designed for this type of mileage - the matt chester. 

2 - Spend more time in the woods.  Not just a short day hike here and there.  Some actual all day hikes, overnighters by foot and by bike, a long bikepacking trip and a backpacking trip.  Time in a tent, under the stars.

3 - Time with the family.  The kids are getting older, they'll be 3 and 8 this year, and I need more quality family time with them.  The job doesn't always allow that, but I need to make more of an effort to make sure we are doing things with them.  And with my wife.  Maybe a short bike/camping trip will actually get done this year.

4 - De-clutter.  Get rid of things, tidy up, organize the house.  Make life simpler materially, so life can be lived simpler.

5 - Do more cooking and baking.  Working 52 hours plus a week, with 1.5 hours of bike commuting a day, and a spouse that works 40-60 hours a week with an hour drive each way leads to poor supper choices.  Need to do more cooking - which I enjoy - and baking - which I enjoy more - will destress the body, and help make healthier food choices. 

6 - Have more fun.  I'm pretty tense and stressed all the time.  Needs to change.  I think that it will help with more than one of the above goals.

Six things to work on for 2012.  I guess that you can call them resolutions, but I prefer "Freakin' Things to Get Freakin' Done" FTTGD

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