tradesman update

The Tradesman is still going through a "get to know you" phase.  That, and I'm trying to get some other projects complete, so I can free up the money to purchase the last few items I got for the bike, so I can take it home.

Anybody want to buy a Trek Transport?

I switched out the handlebars, putting on the original Rivendell Albatross bars that I wanted to put on.  When this bar becomes available (look about half way down the post) it will go on this bike.  I still want to be a little more upright I think.  (edit- I'm not putting on the Bullmoose version, I'll go with the regular style discussed at the top of the post, I was just showing a picture of  the sideview of the bar.)

Have the thumb shifters in a weird place, don't use them very much, so I put them out of the way (and it created a shorter piece of housing - so smaller loop).  I'm going to move them toward the ends a little more though.

You'll notice in this picture, the cables are brought around in big loops from the shifters and brake levers.  They were still sticking out pretty bad, so a little zip tie hold them all together.  This will facilitate a snag free platform for a bag that will be discussed when I get the money for it, or discussed before the money comes, but not shown until its paid for.

Switched out the saddle to an old Specialized Sonoma saddle and here is my Portland Design Works awesome Radbot 1000.

Lastly some new pedals, Fyxation Mesa pedals, in black.

Of course, I got these pedals, and they come out with ones that have replaceable metal spikes.  The all plastic ones will work fine, they are plenty grabby, and on an urban cargo bike - not one that is going to be jumped or super stupid stuff done on it, they should last a long time.  I'll get a review out of these after they have been ridden for a few months. 

So far, this bike has been great, nice and mobile, really handles like a normal bike - once you get used to not looking at your front wheel.  I'm digging it for the short trips I've made doing errands for the shop so far, dropping off packages at FedEx, picking up copies at the copier place, going to the bank, getting donuts and pizza, the longer commute will be coming in February, along with the hills.

More to come.....

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