Maybe some new pictures on Friday! Cargo bike should be coming on the delivery truck, and I hope to be able to get some parts hung on it. Stripped the Xtracycle to get the Suntour Thumbshifters, Shitmano rear derailleur, and Avid Speed Dial 7 brake levers. Rear brake already at shop, and hopefully the other parts I ordered with the bike get dropped off tomorrow also.

On the other news front.....nothing. MC is slowly recovering from a pretty nasty concussion. Been there, it sucks. Years ago, I was a nationally ranked kata and fighting competior in the two main Sport Karate organizations of the day, NASKA and the NBL. I've had my share of head injuries. I also have had some emergency medical training, and my wife is a Certified Athletic Trainer doing a research study on concussions of female athletes, and the information on concussions hits home. Get well my friend, have a speedy recovery.

Drop bars are on the Hunter, now back to being a FixieMonsterCross, not a FixieMonsterHybrid.

More later this weekend........

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