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The weather looks like it finally wants to become Spring, the rain has been here for a while now, but for at least the next few days, we'll get some sun, warmer temperatures, and a little drying out time. Hopefully I'll be able to get away and get some riding in, only one ride so far this year that wasn't my commute - although I do have about 1,000 miles in this year in commuting miles.

If you've read my blog before, you will notice I changed it around a little bit. Change is good sometimes. I added my favorite comic Yehuda Moon to the left. It is a good read, so enjoy.

The Transport is still proving to be fun. I'm really enjoying riding this bike. I still have to figure out how to carry my 2 year old daughter on it though. I'll have some pictures up of the new 26x2.0 slicks, the new fender set, and of my light mount and extra rear bag. Still haven't gotten the stupid SD card reader on the home computer to work, and my cell phone is charging, so I'll do some new pictures when I get the higher rise stem in. Hopefully tomorrow it'll come in, but the main pictures will be of my new Manager's Bike:

The Store Manager's at the shop I work at get to demo a new bike each year. It is the store's bike, we can let customers or other employees take it out, but we are responsible for the bike at the end of the year. This bike should be fun, it is the almost exact opposite (I would still get a 29er - like I already have) of what I would personally buy - carbon, front suspension, 2x10, coasting, only good at one thing - ripping up the trails. If it ever dries out, that is what I'll be doing.

The Hunter FixieMonsterCross has been sitting doing nothing, I have been riding the Transport everywhere, and now that it is in entirely dirt mode, 33x18 is not much fun for spinning down steep, paved roads. I'm hoping MC is doing better so he'll be able to get my ti road all-rounder out soon, that is the bike I plan on riding mostly, so it is what I have planned most of my "season" and trips around this year. Heal fast my man, I'm getting anxious.

More tomorrow...

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