Lots of weird, bad luck stuff happening. Computer issues, crappy weather, and the really bad insomnia is back. So riding to work on Saturday, a loud plasticly rattling sound starts up. I had just checked all the fasteners, so something was amiss. If you have read my blog for a while (3 months or so), you know that I almost always use SKS fenders. Well, back before I had the Hunter FixieMonsterCross, I had a semi-custom bike from a builder in Texas. Things didn't work out so unfortunately, that bike is gone (I wish I still had it though - a rebuild like they offered instead of a refund). I had bought a pair of Planet Bike Cascadia Fenders for this 29er, because at the time, they were the only fenders of that size out there. When I got the Hunter, I had Rick build the frame around 700x45's or 38 with fenders - the Cascadias came back out. They have worked great. I put the SKS Secu Clip quick release tabs on front for sticks and rocks, and on the rear to help facilitate rear wheel removal, although it doesn't work as well as I hoped. So...

fender breaks right above the jury-rigged bracket. Dangit. So out comes the drill, and zip tie to the seat tube. Clean and simple.

Also, while the bike is in the stand, I decide to cut the Bontrager Crivitz bars down. Being lazy, I tried to cut them on the bike, hacksaw slips,

cuts my finger, not bad, but enough to decrease mobility for a while. That was a stupid move. Bars off the bike, into the vise, cut down, and back on the bike - done.

Hopefully luck will change soon.....

Have a good one.

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