So no sooner than I fix the fender on the Hunter, I decide to cut/unbolt/dismantle the fenders, remove the 700x38 slicks, and put back on the tires it was designed for - Panaracer Fire Cross.

The reason, this crappy rain can't stay around for ever, I'll eventually get to ride on some trails, and hopefully the MC will be in my hands soon. The Hunter is a great bike, designed around flared drop bars like the WTB Dirt Drops or the On-One Midges. I've used both on the bike, but I decided to put on a pair of "alt" mountian bars, the Crivitz from Bontrager (and yes my finger is healing fine). The handling isn't too far off, but I will probably be going back to the flare bar soon.

I'll get some more detailed pictures and info on the frame up soon, its getting late and I'm beat. I also have to change a flat on this bike. When I got to work today and put my bike in the rack, I had a flat rear tire. At least at work I have access to a work stand, tools, air compressor, and unlimited tubes. About .25 miles from home today, I heard a "thunk thunk - KABOOM". Front tire explosion. A short walk home and I'll have to fix it before the morning.

Maybe I should have kept the other tires on.....

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