mc changes

Been riding more than blogging.  Oh well, things aren't so exciting around here.  I'm up to 50 mile or so rides, but haven't ridden more than 10 miles at time in the last week or so.  Wife went back to work and my early in the morning rides have to be eliminated so she can go to work, should only be another couple of weeks and things will switch around again.

I ended up switching the crank on the mc, went back to the Bontrager (Sram) crank I was originally going to put on the bike.  Why?  Well I couldn't keep the damn left crank arm from backing off.  I did everything correctly, and I would have to tighten it up twice a week.  Maybe it was the cheap ass bottom bracket, maybe I was just missing something, don't know.  We'll see how this goes.

 Chainring mounted to the outside of the crank, lost the bashguard, but it shouldn't matter.

External bottom bracket, I haven't had any issues with these, including 6,000+ miles on the Hunter FixieMonsterCross.  Time will tell.

Perfect chainline.

The other main thing is that I got the repair kit off the back of the seat.  I went with the Tallac Design Behold cage.  Originally designed to go under a waterbottle cage on the down tube, I have an extra set of bottle cage bolts on the underside of the down tube, so there it is.

The bag slides out and holds everything but the pump.

Again, time will tell on how I like the design and placement.  It is low and out of the way, don't miss it under the seat, and except for how damp it gets after a rain, I don't see any issues on where it is at.  Unless I forget to check the zipper and that opens up and drops everything on the road.....

My goal is to get a century in this month (in celebration of my 41st birthday), but I don't know with my limited time frame, my body will be up to that.  A few overnighters are in the plans for September/October, with the possibility of a 3-4 day trip in late October - but that might get switched to a backpacking trip depending on the weather.

More someday hopefully soon....... 

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