introducing the mc

Cruddy pictures, but here it is.  The matt chester custom flared dropbar mixed surface fixed gear adventure bike.  Or the mcti.  All 22 pounds of her.  Been riding this a lot - commutes and morning rides around 25-30 miles in length.  Freakin' awesome.  By far my most fun, comfortable bike.  Well worth the wait.

Here are some highlights.

On-One Midges, definitely the bars for this bike.  I tried the Woodchippers, didn't like.  Still need to add some padding to the drops to make a little more comfy, but I think I have them dialed in pretty close to the position they need to be in.  The brake lever is the Cane Creek SCR-5C lever on the right and an Ergo Stoker on the left.  They are set up low on the bars for the right to be at a comfortable reach to brake, and the left for symmetry.  They also aid as another hand position on out of the saddle climbing.

 Steering duties are spun on a Chris King NoThreadSet, black with mango.  The purplish colored spacers are supposed to be black, but when they came in, I snagged them up.

Butt is taken care of by a Henge Comp saddle from Specialized.  Nice and supportive, keeps the nethers happy, especially because I don't wear cycling chamois.  Tool roll coming off in a few days when my new fixit carrying pouch comes in.

Custom built Hunter Cycles fork for the holding of the front wheel and brake.  Fork is built to be the same as a Salsa Cycles Casserole fork.  This allows me in an emergency use one of the Salsa forks, I have one in the road brake style and in the cantilever brake style.  Brake is a Paul Component Racer Medium.  It stops very well.

Front triangle with frame pump and water bottle cages.  The cages will probably be switched out when the new tool pouch comes.

Spinning the pedals and the chain, Sugino RD2 crank, 170mm with a 39t Surly ring and a BBG bashguard.  Chain is a Wipperman 8 speed model.  Always run 3/32" chains on my fixies, the last a good amount of time, are relatively cheap, and the masterlinks are easy to come by.

Rear track end with fender mount.  Phil Wood Track hubs laced 3 cross to DT Swiss RR465 rims.  Heavy, but durable, that is what I was looking for.

That's a fast overview of the bike.  More to come, maybe tomorrow or the next day with some more details and a longer ride report,

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