Well, lack of posting can be one of three things - either I'm riding my bike, work is crazy busy, or I'm lazy as hell.  Mostly a mixture of the last two.  This awesome Spring weather has brought tons of people into the shop, so we've been pretty busy.  And I've been pretty slack on the posts.  I have some posts started, just trying to finish them, as well as get pictures taken.

On the news front: nothing much.  Commuting is going fine, only two days driven this year so far.  Mostly on the Tradesman, but occasionally on the Hunter FixieMonsterCross.  I have good faith that in the sometime near futrure (maybe this week) my long awaited matt chester will be here.  When that gets here and built, the webisphere will be some of the first to know.  Expect lots of pictures and stories.  Also thinking of a lighter kick around town bike for the kids, something I can use with a Burley trailer and for the possibility of the Allegheny Passage with a cargo trailer this Fall.

Along with the mc, I have started to get together a plan of attack for bike rides to be done this year.  I definitely have an overnighter bikecamping trip planned with the wife and kids for this Summer, as well as two longer trips planned for myself.  Just need to figure out times.  I also am going to sign up for the Ohio Gran Fondo this September.  I really don't like big group rides, but this could be a fun training ride - and I could get a cool water bottle. 

Well, until next time, hopefully with some good news and numerous posts.....

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