front end

From the other day, I showed the wheels of the new ride, so here is some of the rest of the front end.

Custom Rick Hunter steel, fillet brazed, goodness. 383 axle to crown, 45mm rake with fender mounts at the bottom.

As you can see, the fork is painted a kind of flat black, and the Hunter logo is orange. This is the second fork that Rick has built for me, the first matching the frame that he built for me a few years ago. I really like the craftsmanship and understated beauty of his work, and they ride awesomely.

The fork is drilled for and designed around a "standard" or "medium" reach brake. At first I got a cheap Shimano side pull brake, but decided that I needed something a lot nicer, so I got me one of these:

Paul Components Racer Medium. The center bolt version, the brake pads hit the rim right at the bottom of the arms. The only thing I'll do is to switch out the brake pads to a Salmon Kool Stop and replace the rear brake bolt with a Problem Solvers Sheldon Fender Nuts, so fender installation and removal is much easier.

More to come soon....

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