I'm going to do a few blog posts on the parts that are going onto my new Matt Chester. I'll start with my wheels, which are a wonderment of awesomeness. I have a sick addiction to awesome wheels, not the super lightweight, carbon, low spoke count racing wheels, but moderately light, aluminum, 32 or 36 hole double walled single or double eyeleted hoops on some bomber hubs. DTSwiss and some Mavic, as well as Sun Ringle are favorite brands, with DT being the forerunners. The rims are well made, reputed straight out of the factory, and are strong. My Hunter has some TK 7.1 touring rims, and my next touring bike will have the updated version. For the mc, I have picked the R465s, since the tire width won't go much above 28 mm (with 32 being max), I should be alright. I de-badged the rims, the only complaint I have is that the graphics are kind of gaudy.

Hubs are the best out there - Phil Woods.

32 holed High Flange Track Hub for the front and rear. The rear is spaced 130mm with double fixed threading. I like the sealed bearings, and Phil's are some of the best (Chris Kings are great, but no fixed hubs), although I wish someone out there made a good loose ball bearing fixed hub designed for the road/off road, not just the velodrome. I went with the 32 hole so that I could ride a little bit lighter rim on this bike, not just a big heavy rim.

Cogs are Phil Woods, 17 and 19 tooth. I prefer Surly cogs, but I actually had these laying around, so on the wheels they go.

More later, including tires, fork, and brakes this week.

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