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Used to have a blog, but didn't ever use it. So, here are the posts about my trip on the Allegheny Passage from last year. I'll break it up into a few different posts, so one doesn't have to read it all at one sitting.

The trip was done on my custom Hunter Cycles fixed gear. Awesome bike! Custom steel frame and fork, fixed only, canti mount up front. Phil Wood hubs, DTSwiss hoops, Race Face, Thompson, all the stuff the cool kids ride. The bike is up for sale, so I'm considering these posts the last hurrah for me and this bike.

The trip was during the middle of October, 2009. To learn a little bit about the background and about the trip itself, check archives of: Eddy's Bike Shop Blog.

I'll get some more pictures up of the trip and of some other things soon.

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