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Day two

Second day of the trip, woke up tired, and took down camp. Everything went smooth, day started off chilly. Met up with the rest of the guys at a little greasy spoon for breakfast. While drinking coffee and waiting for the bacon and p-cakes, took a little bath in the sink of the bathroom. Then it was back on the trail. Today, all we had to do was climb for like 40 some miles, and bomb the downhill back into town. Piece of cake, nice smooth trail and such. And it was, the day was gorgeous, and it turned out to be the warmest day of the trip. Lunch was OK, had to get off the trail and we found out that there were hills out there. On this last day in Pennsylvania, we had the best views, and I really enjoyed being out there. The highest point of the trail is under a road crossing, there is a little sign on both sides of the underpass, with a mural on the history of that side of the Eastern Continental Divide, pretty cool. Now was the fun part, all down hill. One could actually feel the downward pull of the ocean. We ended up in Cumberland, Maryland. The guys got their hotel room, and we found an awesome seafood and BBQ place. After many calories and beers, Jason and I had to find our campsite. From the way the map looked, it was an easy couple of miles. It was pitch black, we had small headlamps, and we couldn't find the campground. It was about 5 miles out, and we set up camp, made a small campfire and went to bed. Little did we know, we were about a thousand feet from a railway switching yard. Another night of no sleep.

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