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Day 1

Monday. The day started off cool in temperature, and bright, but not sunny. The trail surface was smooth and well maintained. You could probably haul ass on it if you weren't bogged down with gear. Everybody started off in a good mood, spirits were high with a good night sleep and food in the belly. The Yough Valley Inn was a hoot, Lyn was great, although kind of kooky. The miles kept drifting away, the trail went in and out of small towns, so it didn't have the feel of a true wilderness trip, but it did make for some interesting scenery. The groups who put this thing together spent a good deal of money and time on the trail as well as the signage. The converted railway stations to visitor stations were amazing. Good use to what would be eyesores on the trail. The miles just went by, legs fresh, having fun doing the miles. Bathroom and picture breaks slowing us down, but welcome for time off the seat. Lunch was at Valley Dairy, big ass cheeseburger and ice cream sundae for energy. After lunch started getting a little more in the "country", not as many towns, little more views and woods. The bridges started coming into play. Big expanses, beautiful scenery. Ohiopyle is next, rode around town, saw the falls, relaxed. For some it was beer o'clock, I actually oted for coffee instead. Had 15 or so miles to go, and me and lots of beer and riding don't mix that well. Rolled into our campsite in Confluence after 72 miles, average speed 11.2 mph. With all the stopping and starting, it seemed slow, but while riding, we were keeping pace at 13 mph or so. Slept in a goverment campground, not many other people there, had the biker site to ourselves. Met u with the hotelling group at the Lazy Dog Cafe. Awesome burritos and beer. Slept tlike total crap that night. Maybe 3 or so hours.

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