Still not much to report, things haven't gone into the realm of exciting here for a while.  Kids are doing well, and there is soccer for the oldest, activities for the youngest have stopped until after the year change.  Work pretty much in winter mode at this time, not a lot of people interested in bikes during the winter in Cleveland.

The mc isn't here yet, hopefully the issues can be sorted out, and it can get through the border.  And get well, Matt. 

I need to get this sold:

and I need to sell it pretty darn quick, a new cargo bike frame is here and I need the finances to build it.  I'm pretty excited about this one, lets just say that it is similar to one from this post.  And it's head tube looks like:

Other things in the works, reviews on: a new Bontrager helmet, PDW front light, The North Face windbreaker, some gloves and hat from Ibex, and a front and seat bag from Revelate Designs.  And of course, the mc ti bike and those parts as well as the new cargo bike, and hopefully my new manager's bike!


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