today's ride

Pretty bleak day, woke up to cold and rain, helped the wife get the kids up and running.  Took a vacation day to relax, get some stuff done, and hopefully get some alone time outside.  Went with Julie to get her car back (finally) from the body shop and she dropped me off so that she could take Josie to the library.  I got ready for a short road ride, the trails are way to destroyed to even  think about putting knobbies to them.  Grabbed the Hunter FixieMonsterCross for what could possibly be its last non-dirt ride ever (meaning that the mc might be shipping soon).

Got dressed, Bontrager knickers, Smartwool boxers (I haven't worn cycling shorts in over a year), Teko socks, Specialized Comp mountain shoes, Surly wool jersey, old WoolyWarm arm warmers, some beat up Gore shoe covers, wool beanie and gloves, and o2rainwear Calhoun jacket to keep the torso warm and dry.

Jumped on the road, lights on for traffic and headed down to the parkway.  The 33x18 fixed gear is NOT a road gear, the legs were pumping a little to fast (can't wait for the mc with its 39x17), but it was only bad on the steep downhill stuff.  The park had a misty quality to it, the over ripening leaves seemed to pop against the greyness of the clouds.  My legs got into the rhythm, still quickly turning over the large volume tires on the potholed infused blacktop.  Ten miles in, I popped onto the bike path, meaning to get in some hill work for my lungs and legs to feel some pain, and being Northeast Ohio, it was over in 15 minutes.  An hour later, I turned around at the top of a hill, looking down into the valley I just left only to have to resist my legs and use my front brake not to rush into oncoming traffic at the bottom of the hill.  On the road, back on the bike path for the hills the way home, I wove the streets to the shop, where a little warmth, a bit of food, and some good natured verbal abuse sent me home to my warm shower to get some color back into my skin.

Not long ride, but a much needed break from the monotony of my commute

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