Starting to get rid of this blah feeling.  Body feeling better - except for my allergies - and my mind is starting to come back around.  I always get this way in the head this time of the year, the rush of the Summer bike selling season beats the crap out of me mentally and this year was especially hard - makes me rethink not joining that monastery all those years ago could have been a mistake.

Things also coming together on the cycling front.  I haven't been doing much activity other than basic riding back and forth to work and errands around town - no running or extra bike rides.  But the Autumn is my favorite time of the year, and  I'm looking forward to get some extra riding and hiking in, and I can take some vacation days to do it. 

I'll have some other news soon, as well as some new product reviews of things that I have been trying out - and some of them aren't bike specific either.

More soon.......

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