my "vacation"

Well, my trip to the Great Allegheny Passage/C&O never happened, so I stayed at home this week to help my wife and take care of the kids.  My wife still isn't 100%, still with the concussion and x-rays determined a slight AC joint sprain.  She's getting better, but its slow.  Here's how the week went down:

Monday - Drove wife to work, went to The North Face store, bought the wrong shirt.  Came home, took a nap while Josies was sleeping, took Owen to karate, found out didn't have to pick wife up from work, and made kids dinner.  Ate some Chipotle and went to bed.  No bike riding.

Tuesday - Wife drove to work (shouldn't have, but couldn't take off work), rode bike to  Josie's music class, ate some lunch, took a nap, went to Owen's very muddy soccer game, dinner, bed.

Wednesday - Took Julie's car to get estimate at the body shop, $4900 for the door, had to wait to get a rental car, so decided to go for a bike ride.  See this:

This the 6mm wrench I need to take off my rear KISS OFF Phil Woods hub.  It is NOT in my bag, I have lost it somewhere, and didn't know it was gone until I got a flat.  Rear tire feeling weird, pulled over to see if I could nurse it back with a little air until I find someone with a tool, and it is totally gone.  Oh well, had to call for a ride, and went home and ate some lunch.  No nap, went and got my rental car, picked the kids up, got some pizza and had dinner.  Julie fell asleep at 7:30, did the trash and read for a few hours.  Pretty damn exciting, right?  Still haven't found the 6mm, have to get one at work.
Thursday - Owen to school, Josie and I to run some errands.  Jumped on the Transport with Burley and rode through the park to the supermarket. 

After the market, stopped off at the playground before some lunch.

This little place is the Prehistoric Pit on the Lake to Lake trail through the Cleveland Metroparks.   The biggest part is a full size reconstruction of a mammoth skeleton the kids can "dig" up and climb on.  Day isn't done, but it been the most constructive so far....

Back to work tomorrow, kind of dreading it, kind of welcoming it.  More soon.....

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