i'm supposed to be......

In Pennsylvania right now, getting into Confluence on the my bike by the Great Allegheny Passage.  But I'm not.  I'm sitting in front of a computer writing this.  Why you ask?  Because I got a phone call at work around 5:00 on Saturday, to tell me this happened:


My wife was t-boned by mail truck (sick joke here).  She is OK, a little concussion, a sore left side, and ticked off about the whole thing.  So I stayed at home for a few days to take care of her and the kids.  Oh well, life is always changing and throwing things in your way.

This is what my bike looked like while it was getting ready for the trip:

The Stubby in all her glory,  minus the clothing bag on the rear rack and the handlebar bag.  The front panniers had my sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, raingear, and a warmer jacket in it.   Not a good looking ride, but one that would have hopefully made it to D.C. in one piece.  I say hopefully because on Sunday, I rode out to a local part of the Metroparks for a quick run (hadn't run in a few years, but it was something I'm starting back up), and this happens:

The fender mount on my rear rack pops at the weld.  A mile away from my house, on a freshly paved road.  I would hate to see what the bike would have been like at the end of 330 miles of unpaved trails, it might not have made it.  I guess it really wasn't meant to be this  time around.

I hopefully will have some good news coming around the bend, I could use some......

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