not much, still...

Still not much going on here. The weather is crappy. Snow last weekend, with cold temperatures, warmer and rainy the last few days, and colder with up to 10" of snow here the next day or two, then rainy after that. At this rate, the trails will be a no go until the middle of April.

I have a few "reviews" of some products coming up. I put reviews in quotations because these aren't things that were given to me to make up an opinion on, write up a blurb, and given back to the company (although if someone wants to do that - I'm game). No, these are things that I purchased myself and am writing up a little "review" so that others can hopefully learn and decide if they want to purchase said items themselves. No biases, no handouts. The items will be in the form of both clothing, gear, and parts. Some of these things I have had for a while, and some others are brand new.

Ramping up for some bike trips soon. Nothing in the near future, but bring to fruition some ideas I have had for a while. Got a SPOT for the holidays and I'm waiting to activate it (no use paying for it when I'm not putting in the miles) so everyone -mostly my family - will be able to track my riding. Rides that I'm planning for, a full family overnighter on the Towpath, a three day/two night father/son trip with Owen, a few SO24s, a three day trip to PA, and another "assault" on the Great Allegheny Passage in September with the bike shop again. With the family away on a vacation this summer without me, I'm planning on doing a 500+ week, all while putting in a full week at work.

Hopefully, I'll have some updates soon on the Matt Chester frame! I'm getting antsy with the weather hopefully breaking soon (not that I haven't been riding all winter), but I want to start putting in some miles - especially with those trips planned. Soon, it'll be here, pics and more info to come...

That's about all, have a good one.

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